What is Sat TOEFL and Why I join Sat Toefl Coaching in Rohini?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL test) evaluates the proficiency and general understanding of the English Language for people whose first language is not English. It is used to test international students planning to study in the United States and Canada and by academic institutions outside the US and Canada that use English. The TOEFL test has evolved from Paper Based to Computer Based in most countries with two of the four sections in the Computer Based TOEFL Test (the Listening and Structure sections) being computer-adaptive. This enables the computer based TOEFL test questions to be targeted to an individual’s performance level. However ETS, who develop the TOEFL test, found from consultation with university faculty and admissions officials that there was a need to develop a new TOEFL test that provides better information on test takers ability to communicate in an academic setting. As part of this development the new test will be administered in a network of Internet based test centers, hence the next generation TOEFL test will be known as the TOEFL to distinguish it from CBT TOEFL and PBT TOEFL.
For more details visit:
2273, Basement, Hudsone Lane, Delhi University, Delhi- 110007
Phone Number: – 9811217359, 8585934040
Website: – http://englishedu.co.in/sat.php


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